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7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

What if it really was possible for YOU to feel healthier, more energetic, and confident when you walk into a room?  

What if YOU were the example of health and wellness for your family?

What if exercising and living a more balanced life could be EASY?

Get the 7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey and: 

  • Learn QUICK, EASY ways to add exercise into your busy schedule
  • Get the tools needed to set fitness goals based on YOUR LIFESTYLE
  • Go from "Getting By" to feeling Confident, Healthy and Active!

Hey Queen!

I'm Dr. Jacque Strait. I am a Licensed Psychologist with over 12 years experience in helping people change their behavior. I've also grown into a fitness enthusiast. I'm an expert in how the mind and body connect.

I KNOW how hard it is to find time and stay consistent with exercise. I know how hard it is to take care of yourself. I've been there! Before I started my journey towards physical and mental health, I felt:


It wasn't until I changed my mindset about exercise and prioritized my health, that I realized it truly was possible for someone like me to feel:


 I learned that taking care of myself helps me take care of others. I learned how to build my fitness tribe. Through this journey, I have become the healthiest version of myself.....for me AND my family!

Now, as a health and wellness coach, I'm excited to help other Women of Color learn how to optimize their health!

Ready to connect, Queen? (and find your FIT life?!)

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